Cigna Round the Bays is a great opportunity to get active with your kids. The high energy of the event and the excitable crowd will be sure to help little legs through the 6.5km distance, plus there’s plenty to keep them occupied at Kilbirnie Park when it’s over.  Don’t forget there are free buses back to Wellington CBD too!

Nothing beats the enthusiasm of kids and they’ll love spending time with you while you train for the event.  Here are some tips to get them ready for race day!

1. Get moving early – just like you, kids need to train. Take them out for short walks and include light jogs on a regular basis.

2. Keep it real – little legs can’t go as far as you might be able to. Keep the distance realistic to their ability (e.g. 6-7 year old start at 500m or 1km and build up gradually).

3. Don’t rush – remember to work at their pace and encourage all the way.

4. Reward milestones – set targets for the distance (e.g. agree that if they get to the next lamp post without complaining they’ll get a magic high five!)

5. Share with friends – invite your friends and their kids out for a walk or jog with you.

Registrations for Cigna Round the Bays are now open!  Get in quick so you don’t miss your place at the start-line!

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