Every person runs to different rhythms and according to varying moods. So, when it comes to creating a playlist of running music, you’ll need to experiment and see what fits your personal style.

If you’ve never created a playlist – or you’re looking for new inspiration – here are some guidelines to get started.

Match tempo – The best warm-up songs, for example, start slow then build intensity with super inspirational messages

Find inspiration – Think about music that makes you feel like you are making a statement to the world.

Synchronize your strides – Upbeat music increases activity in a part of the brain called the ascending reticular activating system, which “psyches” you up when you’re running.

Stick with what you know – We tend to favour songs the more often we hear them, so consider including songs already in your music library. Adding songs you associate with key life moments, that bring an extra bounce to your step or bring a smile on your face, can also give you an extra edge.

Don’t forget to hit shuffle – If you’ve had your playlist on repeat for the last two weeks, you may be desensitized to the songs’ motivational qualities. Change your playlist at least every couple of weeks so you don’t listen to the same track over and over.

Stay alert safe – Never play music so loud that you aren’t aware of what’s around you – cars, bikes and other runners.

Source: Cigna