Running an event like Cigna Round the Bays is just a bit about the actual running.

It’s about:
Dedication to crush a goal.
Striving to be healthier, fitter & happier.
Showing up & not being afraid. We are all nervous!
Doing your personal best. That’s all that matters.
Connecting with other like-minds who understand WHY we run.
Cheering on others incredible success.
And being inspired by all those around you.

These were just SOME things I was inspired by at the weekend:

The Achilles charity athletes. Despite their disabilities, they won’t let any barrier stop their success.
My son Zach running his first 10km event – aged 11. He took delight in beating me to the finish and I was so darn proud of his determination and success, which means 100 times more than my own success.

My husband and our little guys for finishing the fun run. There was one blood-knee, tears and sweat along the way and some piggybacking required for Mr 5, but he was chuffed as ever to run over the finish-line. Mr 9 loved the challenge and can’t wait to step it up a notch next year.
Blind runners Tamati who got a PB and Toby who nailed the fun run.

Those thoughtful souls who live along the waterfront who turned their hoses on.

The athlete who told me about how the black dog had tried to steal their spirit recently, but how they bravely sought help and they are now doing much better.

Cigna staff – for putting on an amazing event that brought together a community and for being a corporate that cares about the wellness of Kiwis.

Thanks too Sport Wellington and Les Mills.

Every single person who showed up and embraced this health journey. It doesn’t matter if you walked, ran, sprinted, hobbled, used the might of your arms in a wheelchair or if you were one of the all-important supporters. You all made the day epic.


Rachel is a runner, qualified yoga teacher and director of lifestyle website, and follow more of her personal journey to get race-ready with her family on her Facebook & Instagram pages