I believe the phrase ‘Nothing New’ that we discussed at our #STEPITUPNZ event ‘Getting ready for the start line’- worthy of repeating as we countdown towards Cigna Round the Bays start line 2017.

Planning ahead for race day helps to eliminate the risk of any unwelcome hurdles.  It also helps me to keep a calm, positive state of mind. No matter how many races I have done, I still take time to plan and prepare.

My ’Nothing New’ motto can be applied to both physical and mental aspects or getting ready for race day.


  1. Shoes and Kit: These are all well road tested before the event. I even select the race day shorts now! I practice packing, running and taking race fuel from the pockets.
  2. Nutrition: I use my speed and long run sessions now to practice my race day breakfast and race fueling.
  3. Pace: A week or two before I will include a short session of running at my ideal race pace. This is a good reminder to the body of what it feels like, it also tells the mind ‘you can do it’!


  1. Accept the nerves: We are all nervous! No matter how ‘experienced’ we might be.
  2. The mental dress rehearsal: This can be done in your head, or if you are like me I like to write things down. I rehearse the event from start to finish. From getting dressed right through to the finish line.  I will go through the course map, note drink stops, time them with my race fuel intake.
  3. Key phrases: I identify and practice repeating key strong phrases, or words that will help me when the going gets tough. They can be song lyrics, strong key words, or simply “2, 4, 6, 8, I am strong”.

An essential part of getting ‘race ready’ will also be making a pact with myself, team ’Kemp Family’ and hopefully all of you, to enjoy ourselves out there. Take the time to enjoy the sights, the company and that finish line!

As the countdown begins, let’s get excited team and #STEPITUPNZ!