With the holiday fun, festivities and feasting behind us here are some of my tips for getting back on, and staying on track training for Cigna Round the Bays 2017.


Smile and Get Excited

We have plenty of time to get training and prepared for February 19th.  I recommend forgetting any possible interrupted training schedules over the holiday season, and instead concentrate on the training ahead, this is what we can do something about!

At this time of the year I start to really feel and see the buzz of people preparing for Cigna Round the Bays in Wellington.  The increased numbers joining me on the footpaths at 6am have me checking my watch to be sure that I am not an hour late! A sunny day around The Bays can be more like a party of shorts and singlets.


Set some short term training goals

To keep me motivated I incorporate short term goals into the long term plan, these could be a short race or an area to work on in my training.  My training goal for this week is for my speed session; ‘to finish my last 1km rep for the day stronger and faster than my 1st.’

There are plenty of events happening around Wellington over the weeks ahead, i.e. The Wellington Scottish 5km Waterfront Series, or the Park Runs in Lower Hutt, Porirua, or Kapiti Coast. These events are open to all runners and walkers.  You do not need to ‘race’ these, a goal could be to get out and complete a park run. I assure you knocking off 5km of training in a larger group is easier than on your own.


Make a family plan

With team ‘Family Kemp’ entered this year, we need to ensure everyone is getting their exercise fix. A Saturday morning could be likened to a relay.  Hubby goes to biking spin class, baton change to me and I am running, tag the baton goes to the kids and we are off for a walk and swim!


Motivate the Kids

An idea the kids and I came up with (and really enjoyed) last year was to ‘Run the length of New Zealand’.  We drew a huge map of NZ and pinned a pic of each of us in Invercargill.  For each bit of training we completed we moved ourselves up the Island, with our goal to reach Auckland by the end of the holidays.  Our training session would begin with ‘So where are we running, biking or walking too today”?



You are in training so be sure to reap the rewards of a runner/walker in training. I will book in a massage to reward myself after a hard training week, or enjoy a long soak in the tub with some Epsom salts, bliss!


Happy training!

Katie Kemp