Eating well is an important part of my training in order to train well, recover and perform.  Getting the ‘fuel’ right for your body may take a bit of experimenting with different foods.  In sharing some of my ’training fuel’ I hope to give you some ideas to try.

The core ingredients:

  1. Carbohydrate: The energy source, such as bread, rice, potatoes, cereals
  2. Protein: Helps with muscle repair, making me stronger, including dairy foods, meat, eggs, beans and lentils
  3. Fat: Good fats work with carbohydrate and protein making me feel full for longer. This can include avocado, but butter, fish and oils


My pre-training fuel:

Goal: To increase my energy supplies for exercise.

Fuel Required: Foods high in carbohydrate, with a little bit of protein/fat.

What I am eating: Bagel, or 2 x slices of toast, or large rice crackers with peanut butter and banana. Usually eaten about 2 hours before I head out the door.


My post-training fuel:

Goal: To replenish the energy stores in muscles and rebuild/repair my muscles.

Fuel Required: Foods high in carbohydrate, protein and a little of that ‘good’ fat.

I consume a quick snack or drink high in carbohydrate within 30 minutes of finishing my training. I will follow this with a larger meal high in protein within the hour.

What I am eating: My quick snack:  banana, bliss ball (see my earlier post on ‘snacks’), protein shake, or electrolyte drink. I save sports electrolyte drinks or protein shakes for hard and long training sessions. Milk and water are fine for easier days.

The next feast might be; poached eggs or canned salmon on toast with avocado, spinach, tomato and a sprinkle of seeds, or, oats soaked in milk, with yoghurt, berries and nuts on top.  Some tasty leftover roast chicken and vege on rice with extra cheese or nuts.

The whole family loves a post training lunch of chicken wraps, with a cup of rice and salad or leftover spaghetti bolognaise, grate in some extra vege and cheese. Yum!


Happy Training, Happy Feasting.

Katie Kemp