To help myself and my family eat right, fuel training, aid recovery and above all to feel good, we have to be organised.

This means, planning snacks and meals in advance.

I recommend stuffing your office desk draw, handbag and kids lunch boxes with a range of healthy snack options.

The same items go into both my runners snack pack and the girls lunch boxes, including:

  1. Raw nuts and pretzels…a handful of each mixed together, yum!
  2. Rice or oat crackers with a nut butter and cheese
  3. Fruit, vegie sticks and hummus
  4. Bananas
  5. Bliss balls
  6. Muesli bar (choose ones that are low in sugar).
  7. Plain natural yoghurt with frozen berries and nuts.

We find a few different sized zip-lock bags perfect for buying nuts and crackers in bulk and then dividing them up between us.  It makes it more affordable as well.

Bliss balls are easily made at home and the girls love helping to whip these up, rolling them and coat them in coconut.  There are a few recipes here on the website – click HERE for the Cashew Nut Bliss Ball recipe

Happy snacking!