The first few weeks of a new, or harder training programme can be hard both physically and mentally.

Perhaps you are taking up regular running or walking for the first time? Embarking on a programme for an event you haven’t tried before, your first 10km, or even a half marathon?

In my experiences, over the next few weeks, as your body and mind adjust, the new training will naturally become part of your routine and seem easier.

At this time my statement ‘Love to Run’ may need an explanation.

Why I love to run?

  1. Running is my ‘free’ time – mind and body. I thrive on the peace and calmness running offers me. The freedom to think or not. The freedom to be outdoors in the fresh air and go where I choose.
  2. My meditation. The repetitive nature of placing one foot in front for me is active meditation. More often than not I return from my run with a much clearer and calmer mind.
  3. Too Easy. Clothing, shoes and I am off. Anytime, anywhere. Need I say more!
  4. Adventure. Wellington has a wealth of off road tracks, many close to the city. Returning from a run in the bush tracks, sharing trails with the cows and sheep, or absorbing views stretching across to the South Island always makes me be so grateful that I am a runner!

Team, in these initial weeks if the new programme challenges you, be kind to yourself, keep positive knowing it will be get easier and above all stick with me! I am confident you too will soon be explaining to others ‘why I love to run’.

Happy training!