This week saw the start of the Les Mills #STEPITUPNZ 12-week Training Plans for Cigna Round the Bays.  The plans are specially designed by Personal Trainer Emma Cachemaille to help you prepare the best you can for your event be it the 6.5km, 10km or Half Marathon.

As you embark on these programmes I thought I would share with you an insight into my training programme as a long distance runner.

My typical training week will include a long run, a couple of ’quality sessions’ (quality refers to speed and hill work, generally anything that I class as hard work!) and some easy run sessions.

The harder sessions are always followed by an easy run or rest. Following the ‘hard/easy’ principle ensures I maximize the training benefits from these sessions, allowing the muscles time to recover and repair.

I also incorporate a swim and yoga into my training week.

The training programmes will vary depending on the distance that I am targeting, be it the 10km, Half Marathon or a Full Marathon.  The main difference is in the volume of training. For a Full Marathon the long run sessions increase as does the number of repetitions in speed work.

Currently I am embarking on my training programme for joining you on the start line the Half Marathon at Cigna Round the Bays on Sunday February 19th.

If you haven’t got your programme yet, they are free when you register for #STEPITUPNZ.

Happy training!