If you are reading this, the great news is you are already on the same page as me, you either have or are thinking about a plan.

It’s November and you’ve already signed up to Cigna Round the Bays 2017 and joined #STEPITUPNZ to help you work towards your goal.  Well done!

In my experience as a runner, great things need a plan. When I discuss ‘The Plan’ I refer not only to the training plan but also the plan for how you will succeed in executing the training plan.

Just like any aspect of our lives, achieving a goal in a race, be it to compete and complete or achieve that personal best, it generally doesn’t just come by chance.  Becoming the New Zealand and Oceania Marathon champion was the result of a yearlong plan carefully formulated with my coach Matt Dravitizki, my husband Jimmy and family.

When making ‘The Plan’ we take into consideration:;

  1. Long term and short term goals
  2. Time available for training
  3. Key dates where you will need to be flexible – Christmas, other commitments, holidays
  4. Your strengths and weaknesses – I have suffered stress fractures, so including some off road training days on softer surfaces is critical
  5. Family support – my wonderful parents help with childcare when I need it for race travels

As we know things won’t and don’t always go to plan. I am a firm believer that a road bump or wobble in ‘The Plan’ happens for a good reason.   If we remain calm, flexible and work together with those sharing in ‘The Plan’ to reset, the outcome is even more satisfying!

With less than two months to go till the Oceania Marathon I suffered a tear to my hamstring, during this time ‘The Plan’ needed daily review and refinement. When I stepped onto the start line my huge smile said it all, I had made it, let the race begin!

So let’s plan for our success training for Cigna Round the Bays 2017, share it with those important to us, enjoy the new challenges and short term successes it brings. If a road hump or wobble sneaks up, remain calm, flexible and you will rise up and over it.  The end result will be even more satisfying.

Happy training.
Katie Kemp