It’s hard to get away from hill running in Wellington. Hills recruit more muscle fibres than flat terrain does, so making them a part of your programme is a great way to build your running abilities.  To help you deal with these I purposefully wrote a few hilly workouts into the #STEPITUPNZ training plans.

So what if you are really new to running and haven’t run hills before? Or, what if you’re a seasoned runner and just outright struggle when the tarmac starts angling up?

It’s ok to walk the hills if you need to, but you’ll get bigger gains both in strength and in mental fortitude if you try to jog for 5-10 seconds out of every minute that you are heading upward. A shorter, quicker stride can help you out with this. Aim to take 20 steps or so before settling back into your walking rhythm.

As your fitness improves, you’ll find you are able to do this for longer portions and eventually you’ll be running the whole hill.