Even if it’s spring in Wellington, there’s always chance of rain. Rain won’t make you melt like a gremlin but it can give you chafe if unprepared.

If you fear that burning pain on the skin under your arms, on your inner thigh, the instep of your foot, or worst case for men…your nipples…fear no more. There are preventative measures for this skin irritation and I’ve listed my top 5 tips below:

1  Wear gym tights, bike shorts (without padding) or 3/4 leggings to run in.

  • Guys, if you are a little modest about your equipment, put a pair of sport shorts over the top of some compression pants (or shorts).
  • Girls, believe me when I tell you that you’ll feel better running in a well fitted pair of tights than baggy shorts.

2  Chafe cream/barrier cream is your friend for all skin meets skin places.  There are lots of products available from chemists, sports stores, swim shops or online.  Petroleum jelly will works well too and is readily available at the supermarket. Just apply liberally to the areas you need it and if you’re heading out for a long run take a chapstick for extra help along the way.

3  Don’t wear new gear on race day. Make sure you know what you’ll be wearing won’t chafe. Trial it on at least two of your longest runs.

4  Wear the right socks – Cotton socks will make your feet hot and sweaty, so try and wear sports socks made of polyester, acrylic, and CoolMax.  When you’re choosing new running socks, take your running shoes in with you so that you get the right fit all round.

5  Guys, put plasters on your nipples. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen men running home in the rain with 2 streams of blood trickling down their tops. 2 plasters delicately placed will save you a world of pain.