Fueling your body in preparation for Sunday!

By now you should be well and truly into your pre-race taper. As your kilometers have decreased, your body is able to store away some of the fuel that you are putting in ready for race day.

Eating well to train better

Eating well is an important part of my training in order to train well, recover and perform. Getting the ‘fuel’ right for your body may take a bit of experimenting with different foods. In sharing some of my ’training fuel’ I hope to give you some ideas to try.

The Snack Pack

To help myself and my family to eat right, fuel training, aid recovery and above all feel good we have to be organised. This means, planning snacks and meals in advance.

“What’s for dinner tonight Mum?”

From my experiences the body will always recover better from training if I take time to fuel it with a good balance of carbohydrate, protein, fat. May we inspire you with a quick, healthy balanced favourite meal our family will enjoy tonight.

Sweet & Salty Primal Trail Mix

It's good to be prepared when you're out and about - whether it's on a training run, or after a session. Having some supplies at hand will help get you through to your next proper meal. This super tasty, super healthy trail mix is totally gluten free and refined sugar free, making it the perfect snack choice. Make a batch and portion it out to keep some in the car, at work and at home to dip into as and when you need it!

Banana Pancakes

A great source of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to help recover after long training days. Banana’s contain potassium which is important of the body fluid balance and bone health. The spelt flour is a low glycemic carbohydrate which has less gluten than wheat flour and is highly water soluble which makes it easier to digest.

Cashew Nut Bliss Balls

Another simple, yet healthy recipe. A great post workout snack.

Choc-Hazelnut and Goji Berry Balls

Healthy and delicious, a simple treat for the whole family

Vegetables like a rainbow

There is no denying your day to day nutrition has a massive impact on how well you recover from training, stresses of life, stresses of children, and how well your body can cope with the bugs in the work environment.

Quality Carbohydrates

Your day to day carbohydrate quality (and timing) will affect the way you train. There is a lot of emphasis on “how many carbs” runners and gym enthusiasts eat, but not always as much on the quality of them.


Keep hydrated...but not too hydrated.

A message from Emma

Congratulations on entering Cigna Round The Bays. The weather has the hope of a long warm summer, and hopefully your motivation is high to make improvements for weeks ahead.